The Hernando County Radio Control Club otherwise known as HCRCC was first formed in 1980. We are an AMA sanctioned club.

Our primary goal is to help promote the advancement of aeronautics as it relates to model radio control aircraft. We offer guidance in the building and flying of R/C model aircraft.

We also have instructors who will help teach and guide those who have an interest in the hobby but have little or no previous experience with radio control as it relates to flying.

Along with AMA we have a pilot program that is geared to teaching the novice pilot in learning the skills necessary to become a qualified model aircraft pilot.

Our runway is located in a farmer's field that we share with cattle and a few horses. We have a grass runway approximately six hundred feet long.As to the live stock, they usually stay away from the runway, open shelter and safety fences that have been erected by and for the members.

At the present time our members for the most part fly fixed wing aircraft although we have some members who fly helicopters on occasion. We have quite a few members who not only fly with gas and glo but also fly electric.

Because of a Special Use Permit our flying operations are limited to flying from 9:00 AM till sunset, Monday to Saturday. There is NO FLYING allowed on SUNDAY. The flying field is restricted to members and member's guests only.