Hernando County Radio Control Club

January 2015

President Musings

Hi     H.C.R.C.C. Members:

         I am writing this musing now in the month of December 2014 so it may be a little dated.

I first want to say that even though I had no opposition to my election as president I want to thank those who voted for me. An of course as the cliché goes, those who didn’t vote for me or who abstained from voting, I will do my best to do a good job.

       I have said this many times to those I fly with, that this is a great club to belong to. Why?

      First is the attitude of the members.  When a visitor comes to the field to watch or maybe join, that person is not ignored but is welcomed. Not too many clubs do this. I know of some clubs who that when visiting their field don’t even ask why you are there.

      Another reason I think this club is great is that the members have the attitude that everyone should fly. I have seen on many occasions where a less skillful pilot is help by those who are more experienced without the more skillful pilot being condescending to the lesser skilful member.

     On another note I would like to mention the Drones we here about in the news. To the general public this means the quad copters. This monthly message is not the place to have a discussion on this topic but just to remind you what Bob Lindman mention at a previous meeting. An that is whatever you fly, technically that object is a Drone and that it is the responsibility of all of us to set a good example when flying.

     In closing I also would like to remind all of you that if you haven’t renewed your membership please do so. It makes it easier for the secretary when he does his paperwork for AMA.

     Also remember safety is everyone’s responsibility.


Jordan Bibicoff