Hernando County Radio Control Club

February 2015

President Musings

Hi     H.C.R.C.C. Members:

         One of the things I find living here in Florida is that for the most part you can fly all year round. Not that you couldn’t do that up north, you could but as most of you know it was a chore. What you did for the most part was to stay indoors and work on your warm weather projects. Here in Florida we have the luxury of doing this all year long.

Another one of the things I like about living in Florida is the people I have met, and for the most part have become my friends, and I hope theirs. Granted most of them I have met I would not have known while living and working in the north. Also most of my friends I have met have been through our club. I find at least for me that this hobby of ours is the glue that binds us together. Not that other clubs don’t do this, they probably do. But for me this hobby is the one that holds my interest and is my glue.

       I use the club’s field not so much to fly (or crash) but to be able to commiserate with my friends. We always seem to be solving the world problems and to complain about the young, but also to reminisce about the old days. And we have a good time doing it.

      Hope to see you all at the February meeting. In the mean time stay safe and healthy and happy flying.

     Also remember safety is everyone’s responsibility.


Jordan Bibicoff