Hernando County Radio Control Club

May 26, 2015

Presidents Message about Special Use Permit

Hello H.C.R.C. Members:

As president of the club, I believe it to be my responsibly to make sure that each member is satisfied with the operation of the club. It is also my responsibly to adhere to the rules and regulations as set forth in the Special Use Permit. I am sorry to say that when a member's request or action comes into conflict with the permit, the permit will always win -- no if ands or buts.

As model airplane clubs go, we are a bit unique because of the Special Use Permit we fly under. Some of us "old timers" (members who flew at the Potter's field) know the how and why the permit came to be. For those who don't, I am going to give you a history lesson.

Potter's field was actually the area from Benes Rouse Road all the way back behind the current pit area to the tree line behind us and included the fields to the left of the current field. The land was left to John Potter, Jr. and his two sisters who you all know is our current landlord.

About seven or eight years ago, John Potter decided to sell his share of the land to a developer. That meant that the club had to move. We were fortunate in the fact that the sisters wished us to stay and leased the current section to us. We then moved over to the new section taking the wooden building with us. This building was set up next to the fence. I mention the building because it contributed to where our current carport and port-a-potty is located (more on this later).

The new owner took exception to the fact that we are a model RC airplane club flying adjacent to his land. He also enlisted the president of the homeowner's association (Mr. Schmidt) to represent the owners of the houses that would be built. Mr. Schmidt lived on Phillips Road near the intersection of Benes Rouse Road. As of this date, no lots have been sold and no homes built.

To make this story a little shorter, the new owner went and complained to the planning commission of Hernando County that the activities of the club were being detrimental in his ability to sell lots. Suffice it to say that with Cliff Manspeaker's son in-law (who is a retired attorney) guiding us and Cliff being our representative before the planning commission, we won the right to not only fly, but stay where we are now. We won by a margin of three to two. We won because we as the club were willing to amend when and how we could fly.

We also found out that we could not have any structures within 35 feet of the fence. That is why the carport and port-a-potty are where they are now. I also want you all to know that the rules we fly under are on the board at the field.

If you wish any more details, see me or Cliff. Also, Mickey has all the paperwork that went into getting us this permit if you wish to look at it.

If you read this far, I want to address another issue. It has come to my attention that some members are letting their friends fly at the field (club rules state that guests can fly two times). Normally, this is not a problem, but when it is abused it hurts the rest of the members. You may think that the cost to fly is too much or you think that it doesn't hurt the club to cheat, but it does.

First, as to the cost, we have been able to hold the dues to where it is because the current membership is such that we are able to cover the current cost to the club. If we had more members, we could probably reduce the dues further. Bottom line, less members, higher renewal cost, more members less renewal cost. Remember, at the moment, we are the cheapest club around. We just want everyone to have a good time at the field.

The second is honesty. I like to think that our club works on the honor system when it comes to letting family and especially friends fly. The rule is guests are allowed to fly on two separate days. But truth be told we have some members who believe that the rule does not apply to them.

I know that those who do break the rules may never get caught, but why be one of the rule breakers. Also it is not right for any member of the club to be the policeman and have to enforce the rule not only to the embarrassment of the member breaking the rule but also to their guest.

Basically I am saying, have a good time with your friends and family and if you don't like the rule or any rule bring it up at a meeting, for a discussion and or a vote to change or modify it.

Thanks for reading this and happy Flying


Jordan Bibicoff