Please check the menu choice "EVENTS" above for our Presidents' Day Fun Fly on February 19th.

You will not want to miss this exciting event. The weather is looking good for our Presidents Day Fun Fly with low winds and

no moisture in the forecast until late in the afternoon.

We have several exciting events planned including a Childrens' fun fly with free gliders and prizes for the young ones.

We Hope to see you there.

Club Meetings

Next meeting March, 9 at 10:00am at our HCRCC Field.

Scheduled Meetings for 2024:

January, 13 | February, 10 | March, 9 | April, 13 | May, 11 | September, 14 | October, 12 | November, 9 | December, 14

Meetings are held at the field on the second Saturday of each month (Could be changed by board request) at 10:00 AM with the exception of June, July, and August. Members will be notified by email of any changes to this schedule.

FRIA Our Mascot 2023 Cal

The Hernando County Radio Control Club otherwise known as HCRCC was first formed in 1980. We are an AMA sanctioned club.

Our primary goal is to help promote the advancement of aeronautics as it relates to model radio control aircraft. We offer guidance in the building and flying of R/C model aircraft.

We also have instructors who will help teach and guide those who have an interest in the hobby but have little or no previous experience with radio control as it relates to flying.
Along with AMA we have a pilot program that is geared to teaching the novice pilot in learning the skills necessary to become a qualified model aircraft pilot.

Our RC plane runway is located in a farmer's field that we share with cattle and a few horses. Our field is now a grass area. It is inside a 200 by 550 feet and is totally fenced, and more importantly, cattle free! It has an open shelter and safety fences, which have been erected by and for the members.

At the present time our members for the most part fly fixed wing aircraft although we have some members who fly helicopters on occasion. We have quite a few members who not only fly with gas and glo but also fly electric.


To understand why we have the RULES we go by. Besides the Acadamy of Model Aeronautics rules. AMA


Your Membership is Valuable to Us !

The information here is designed to let you know upfront everything about us.

Our members are a great bunch of individuals that are willing to help you in anyway they can.

We are here to have Fun, Fly, and Enjoy the day.


For membership questions contact:

George Scott
Phone   503-550-8787
email     gscottiii@me.com

Dues for 2022:  $80.00

Base dues + Field Maintenance Special Assessment

club officers for 2022:

President: Bruce Harding BruceCHarding@gmail.com
Vice President: Tom Wilcox    madrid795@yahoo.com
Treasurer: George Scott gscottiii@me.com
Secretary: Al Ferree aferree61@gmail.com
Safety Coordinator: Jordan Bibicoff bibicoffj@gmail.com
Field Marshall: Ed Wydra edw108@hotmail.com
Assistant Field Marshall: Tom Wilcox madrid795@yahoo.com


Rich Bibicoff
Joseph Sotomayor
Greg Dill

flight instructors:

Bruce Harding xxx-xxx-xxxx    brucecharding@gmail.com
Tom Wilcox xxx-xxx-xxxx    madrid795@yahoo.com
George Scott 503-550-8787    gscottiii@me.com

Driving Directions :

From Spring Hill Drive and U.S.41

Go South on U.S.41 until you reach Ayers Road (SR576) Make a left onto Ayers Road. Go east until you reach Phillips Road. (Approx 1 1/2 to 2 miles) Make a right onto Phillips Road. Your first right turn will be Benes-Roush Road. Take Benes-Roush Road about 100 yards and you will see the gate on your left.

From County Line Road and U.S.41

Go North on U.S.41 until you reach Wilson Blvd. (Blinking Caution Light) Make right turn, go as far as you can then make a left turn. This is Benes-Roush Road. Stay on this road. (Road will change to lime rock) Bear in mind that the lime rock road will make a SHARP LEFT TURN then a SHARP RIGHT TURN. The gate will be on your right about 100 yards after you make the RIGHT TURN.